My Exciting 3-month OJT Experience at INAP Vision


Hi! It’s me, Sarah, and I am so thrilled to write my very first blog post on INAP Blog. 

I would like to share with you my exciting OJT experience at INAP Vision.


As a new employee who joined in April 2023, the starting point is to undergo OJT – the probationary period – and then you will become a full-time employee. I had a thrilling journey of learning, growth, cultural understanding and unforgettable memories from exploring various programming languages and frameworks, to participating in training and company activities. Being a Filipino in a Japanese company, my first three months at INAP Vision was nothing short of amazing!

Entrance Ceremony

So like most Japanese companies, employees gather to welcome and introduce new employees to the company’s history, culture and values. It is a significant event for new employees like me because it marks the beginning of  our employment. This was my first experience, and I was surprised to receive a certificate, my very own business card, and a gift. The whole event itself was like a party after the introduction. I had the opportunity to chat and drink even with my superiors, and got to know more about the job.

Entrance ceremony gifts!

The OJT Curriculum

My first three months at INAP was pure learning and fun experience. There is a curriculum to follow so everyday there is a topic to learn. I didn’t handle any projects yet during my OJT, only getting familiar with different languages and the work ethics itself. During the curriculum, I immersed myself in expanding my knowledge from Linux, Docker and Django, to Python, Kotlin and Swift. Also, one of the crucial aspects I learned during my OJT was the significance of efficient Git management. Collaborating with other developers taught me the value of version control, branching, merging, and maintaining clean and organized code repositories.

Creating Music Search App

Putting my newfound coding skills into practice, one of the highlights of my OJT was the opportunity to develop a music search app using Kotlin and Swift. I had hands-on experience in application development, API integration and user interface design. Imagine the joy that it brought me when I have completed an app and it’s working. It was the best feeling ever!

This is the music search app I made in Kotlin using Itunes API.

Participating in Company Activities

Aside from the job description itself, INAP Vision also has a vibrant and inclusive work culture. There was a bowling tournament and we went fishing and mountain climbing in Izu Oshima as well. INAP Vision values the importance of digital detox and there was really a fun life-work balance there.

Cooking Filipino Dishes at Sarah’s Kitchen

In the spirit of cultural diversity, INAP Vision organized an event called Sarah’s Kitchen, wherein I gave them the taste of Filipino cuisine by cooking sinigang na hipon, lechon kawali and chicken inasal. It was really unforgettable for me because I didn’t know I could cook for almost 20 people including my superiors, and the fact that I actually cooked in the office. Thanks to my ever dependable air-fryer!

Overcoming language barriers

Being a Filipino working for a Japanese company has its own set of difficulties, mostly due to the language barrier. I found it difficult to communicate, especially in reporting, meetings and consultations. However, I see this difficulty as a chance for development. To address this difficulty, I am now actively looking for opportunities to practice my Japanese conversational and writing skills by observing how my colleagues speak and write their reports. I also eat with them during lunch time whenever I am not busy. I’m also grateful for the help of my coworkers going their extra mile to clarify certain Japanese terms and fix my grammar errors.


Overall, I was able to develop both professionally and emotionally during my three-month OJT experience at INAP Vision. I have become a more adaptable and resilient person as a result of learning a variety of programming languages, mastering Git management, developing a music search app, participating in cultural activities, and overcoming language barriers. It was really a remarkable OJT experience that I didn’t expect from a Japanese company, and I could say that I was really lucky to be here.